DOA supports the Minnesota airsoft community.  Our airsoft fields are entirely indoors.  We have a heated warehouse with two fields.  We host Airsoft games every weekend.  The first field was designed as a fast paced maze.  DOA promotes an intense game style so there is no camping in one place.  We run a variety of games that include VIP, hostage rescue, team death match, search and destroy, and many, many more. 

The second field, named Tactical Kill House, has two levels.  The main floor has a maze with multiple rooms and spaces.  There are three stairwells.  We have riot gear such as a police shield to better defend your team - defensive or offensive.  The upstairs is set up with multiple rooms and hallways to fight through.  DOA is set up as a complete urban tactical warfare simulation.

DOA is set up for testing and training for airsoft equipment.

Devil Ops Airsoft ® 2554 Como Ave, St Paul, MN 55108